Wolf’s Head & Vixen

Wolf’s Head and Vixen Morris, formed in 1995 in Rochester, Kent, were one of the first directly GOTHIC influenced Border Morris groups in the UK and are the only Morris dancers to wear an ALL BLACK kit.


Wolf’s Head and Vixen are extraordinary. The Pack In Black, as they call themselves, were the first to adopt that colour alone, when they formed in 1995. The men are blacked-up, in black rags, but with Goth touches: piratical silver jewellery and mirror sunglasses. The women are in purple lipstick, black nail varnish and black lace fingerless gloves, with chokers at their throats above bounteous pale cleavages, and flowing dresses made from lace and velvet. Oh and big, clumpy Dr Martens boots.”
Cole Moreton, The Independent

Full article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/hey-nonny-no-no-no-goths-and-pagans-are-reinventing-morris-dancing-823498.html